Paul Calande

Paul Calande

Hampshire College Box 0991

893 West Street

Amherst MA 01002-3359

(207) 632-9928


Engineer, Fay Games; Amherst, MA

Gem Spinner

Summer 2017

Quickly and efficiently fixed a large variety of bugs. Heavily polished and refactored existing code written by other programmers. Accurately followed version control standards set by the company's engineers. Onboarded new engineer to the project.


Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. Projected date of graduation: Spring 2019.

Concentration: Video game programming.


Lead Programmer, Hampshire College; Amherst, MA

Rocket Puncher

Spring 2018

Coded a huge variety of versatile utility functions to reuse in later projects. Created JSON-based tuning variables including a designer-friendly enemy configuration file. Implemented state-based animations and parallax background scrolling.

Lead Programmer, Hampshire College; Amherst, MA

Project IONA

Fall 2017

Lead a team of 6 programmers. Oversaw coding etiquette and performed code review via GitHub pull requests. Worked closely and efficiently with other disciplinary teams. Did production work by strategically and frequently assigning tasks to programmers. Taught newer programmers how to use Unity3D and the Git command line interface.

VR Programmer, Hampshire College; Amherst, MA

VR Mountain God

Spring 2017

Implemented model-view-controller software architectures to achieve loose coupling. Programmed AI and health-based functionality for both villager NPCs and enemies. Used polymorphism to create a variety of abilities for the player to use by aiming motion-sensitive HTC Vive controllers.

AI Programmer, Hampshire College; Amherst, MA

The Hollows

Spring 2017

Performed numerous code optimizations to make the game run efficiently in virtual reality. Programmed stalking-based enemy AI wherein the enemies avoid bright areas. Created customizable enemy spawn mechanics featuring enemies that spawn in the dark where the player is not looking.

UI Programmer, GlowLime Games; Amherst, MA

His Excellency's Chef

Fall 2016

Set up dialogue and inventory systems. Created canvas-based UI and HUD elements. Maintained object-oriented codebase.


Programming & Markup Languages

C#, C++, C, Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, JSON, XML, YAML, Java, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Prolog, Ruby

Libraries, Frameworks & APIs

2D Toolkit, Virtual Reality Toolkit, SteamVR, Ruby on Rails, Boost, SimpleJSON, SDL2, GLFW3, GLAD (OpenGL)


Ira Fay -

Hampshire College Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Game Design / CEO of Fay Games

Jaime Davila -

Hampshire College Associate Professor of Computer Science

Quote from Ira (Fall 2017, Interdisciplinary Game Studio): "It is the dream of every professor to have students who work as hard and learn as much as Paul did in this course. In my 5 years at Hampshire, I've never seen a student contribute as much as Paul did. It is no surprise that on the last day of class, every other student in the course applauded Paul. Paul ... was a thoughtful contributor to class discussions during game critiques. It's hard to summarize Paul's contributions, because they were so massive. Without him, the game we published would be a shadow of what it actually is. He led the programming team with diligence, skill, and superb communication speed."