Hello there! I am a Junior at Hampshire College concentrating on computer programming. Ever since my childhood, I have always had a passion for expressing myself through creativity. Video games are my favorite medium through which to do so, simply because of how many different ways they can be interacted with.

I have developed games for a variety of platforms, from personal computers to mobile phones to virtual reality systems. My favorite game engine is Unity3D, which I have grown highly proficient at. I have been doing object-oriented programming for approximately a decade, starting in Game Maker 6 at the age of 8.

I value code that is easy to understand and maintain, and I love to fill in the gaps in my knowledge to make myself a better programmer and game developer. I have successfully completed many projects as the sole programmer before and I greatly enjoy doing so, as it is an opportunity to overcome my limits.

Fun fact! I did the HTML writing, CSS styling, and PHP programming for this whole website from scratch myself. It was quite a fun learning experience.